Impacting the World

Samantha Pringnitz (DMC '12)

DMC provided me with the chance to pursue excellence in music, sports, and leadership development. I graduated with a multiplicity of experiences, preparing me to jump enthusiastically into college and eventually into my full time job. I am deeply thankful for the lifelong friendships I have made and for the home I’ll always have at DMC. 

Quinn Wohlenhaus (DMC '12)

My DMC experience was amazing. I remember transferring in for my 6th-grade year and telling my mom in the car after my first day that I felt like I was finally home. It was a place that I felt like I had always belonged and was overjoyed to have finally  gotten there.  I remember people like Coach Gonnerman who taught me to work through adversity, pushed me to be a better person, and had the heart to tell me that he loved me and was proud of me.  Something else that stands out about my DMC experience is the community. You really get a grasp on it by going to the grad parties. You see all of the DMC families sitting together talking for hours even though they had just seen the same person at a different party two hours earlier. It shows how tight we are as a community. If I had to do DMC all over again, I would. I would even pay for it myself. That's how valuable I felt my education at Des Moines Christian School was. I cannot wait to send my kids there someday!

Ellie and David Allen

Last year was our first year at DMCS and we can't begin to express how much we love it!!  We thought the transition to a new school would be difficult, but it was far better than we could have hoped for. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure our kids felt welcome and the teachers are incredible role models for them! We feel very blessed to be part of the DMCS family! 


Brian and Lindsay Seidl

We joined the DMCS family at its true foundation, the Early Education Department.  We have witnessed our kids learning much more than shapes, letters, and numbers through our years in the program.  They are growing up learning to love the Lord!  My husband and I are blessed to raise our children alongside such a Godly staff and look forward to years ahead at DMCS. 


Jimmy Juergens (DMC '12)

During my time at DMCS, I was impacted by several teachers, faculty, and students.  The most impactful was High School Bible Teacher Mr. Caves. He showed an interest in my education that went far beyond the walls of DMCS; he looked into my future and saw my potential. He would not let me settle for anything less than what I was capable of. This driving motivation paired with DMCS' excellent academics prepared me for college at Northwestern in Orange City, where I recently graduated as the outstanding graduate in the Business Department. That led to a management job at Bentley Ridge Tree Farm & Nursery. When I think of my success after high school, I think back to a conversation I had with Mr. Caves my senior year of high school. He told me I was capable of so much more than what I was showing at that point.  It turns out he was right.


Eileen Van Kooten-Schmitt

Looking back through the years at DMCS, I can see over and over again how God has placed the teachers, staff, and parents into my boys' lives after their dad's death so early in their own lives.  And today at their ages of 20 and 21, (16 years later) they are still holding on to their strong values and beliefs in God, which were taught at DMCS.  God always takes care of His people!


Scott and Maren Steensen

We feel very blessed to have our children attend Des Moines Christian School. We feel like DMC is an extension of our home and family. Our children feel loved and cared for by their teachers. We appreciate the high level of parental involvement and friendships with other families. Kids are cherished for who they are, children of God, and encouraged to live out their faith.