Food Service Information

Our hot lunches are provided by Hy-Vee. DMCS kitchen provides cold lunch options of boxed lunches (K-5), wraps, and subs (6-12).  Hy-Vee hot lunch and DMCS cold lunch must be pre-ordered.  We also have a large variety of a la carte items that can be purchased at lunch and throughout the day. 

Printable Menus 

Place lunch order
- orders are due at 10:59 pm on Tuesday the week prior.

Download the DMCS app on the App Store or Google Play to sign up for lunch order reminders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do lunches cost?
K-5th Grade:  Hy-Vee Hot Lunch $4.45, DMC Kitchen Box Lunch $4.00
6-12th Grade: Hy-Vee Hot Lunch $4.75, DMC Kitchen Wrap/Sub $3.75
Hy-Vee Desserts - $0.85 (served on Fridays)
Specialty Items (see menu for availability): Chick-fil-A Sandwich (6-12th) $4.00, Chick-fil-A Nugget Meal (K-5th) $4.75, Z'Mariks Mac & Cheese Bowl (6-12th) $4.00

$0.60 Bottled Water and AE Milk
$0.75 AE Yogurt, Cereal, Juice, Whole Fresh Fruit, Z Bar
$1.00 Stuffed Bagels, Small/Packaged Cinnamon Roll, Donuts, Honey Buns, Pop Tarts, Mini Muffins, Trail Mix, Hard Boiled Eggs
$1.25 Cliff Bars, Large Muffin, Protein Bars, Mini Bagels with Cream Cheese, Balanced Breakfast Breaks, Protein Drink, Fresh Baked Cinnamon Roll
$2.00 Fresh Fruit Cup
$2.25 Yogurt Parfait

$0.25 Peanut Butter Cup
$0.30 Fruit Snack and Fruit Roll-ups
$0.50 Applesauce, Apple Slices, Cottage Cheese Cup, Snack Crackers, String Cheese, Sunny D, Slim Jims
$0.75 Bagged Chips, Desserts, Hummus Cup, Minute Maid Lemonade, Minute Maid Juice
$1.00 Carrot/Veggie Cup, Chips & Salsa, Izze, Sparkling Ice, Arnold Palmer Tea, Arizona Drinks, Powerade, Body Armor, Guacamole Cup,Tum-E Yummie, Dasani Sparkling Drink, Stuffed Bagel, Nutella
$1.25 Large M & M Cookie, Pickles, Protein Drink, Tropical Juice, Pure Leaf Tea, Chips & Cheese
$1.50 Bread Sticks and Fresh Baked Cookies
$1.75 Hummus & Pita Chips, Pretzel Bites w/ Cheese, Chips & Queso, Naked Smoothie
$2.00 Beef Sticks & Cheese, Chips & Guacamole, Gluten Free Crackers & Cheese, Fresh Fruit Cup, Taquitos, Pizza Slices, Peace Tea
$2.25 Yup! Milk
$3 Cheeseburger and Chicken Strips
$3.75 Wrap/Sub                                          
$4.00 Salads
$0.10 Spork, Fork, Knife, Spoon
$0.25 Plates, Plastic Cup, Coffee Cup

How do we order lunches?
We use an online system for placing orders. Families order lunch a week in advance. For example, your family will have until 10:59 pm on Tuesdays to order lunch for the next week. We send weekly reminders to help families know when to order. If you would like to be on the reminder list, download the DMCS app on the App Store or Google Play to sign up.

How do I set up a MySchoolAccount account?
Follow these instructions to set-up your account. This is a one-time process.

What if we order and my student is absent or doesn't pick up their lunch?
The cost of pre-ordered meals will deduct from each student’s account when the order is submitted. This means that you will be charged for every meal you order, even if your child is absent that day. We fulfill and pay for every order that is placed. Because of this, there will not be reimbursement due to illness or other absences.

What if my student forgets their lunch?
Once we are made aware of the situation, we will determine if there is an extra lunch for that day.  If there is not an extra lunch, we will have the student contact a parent to bring them lunch.

Who can purchase a-la-carte items?
Students in 3rd - 12th grade can purchase a variety of a-la-carte items daily.

Will students be able to purchase desserts?
Desserts from Hy-Vee are available on Fridays.  Students must preorder a dessert and go through the lunch line to pick it up. Desserts cost $.85 each.

Will you provide meals that meet special dietary needs?
All meals are peanut-free, but are not prepared in a nut-free kitchen.

How can I add money to my lunch account?
You can add money to your lunch account via or by dropping a check in a drop box located in the MPR or outside the MS Office.  Please note there is a fee of $2.00 per transaction for using ACH and a 4.75% fee (based on total amount deposited) for credit card deposits.