nullKarla Lowe
Head of Elementary

To know Mrs. Lowe is to know a passionate apprentice of Christ with a heart for children. She began serving as Head of Elementary in 2012 and has watched the campus grow with the addition of families. The elementary school and curriculum further transformed when the STEAM labs were added as part of the East End addition.

Mrs. Lowe and her husband Bill had four children attending DMC in 2004 when Bill’s business took the family eastward to Connecticut. There Karla taught first grade at a Christian school and then became principal of elementary students at The Master’s School. When the family moved back to Iowa, Mrs. Lowe once again felt the Lord calling her to work in Christian education and her family being called back to DMC.

Mrs. Lowe earned her Bachelor's degrees in Elementary Education and Business Administration at Doane College in Nebraska. She also earned a Master's degree in Curriculum and Assessment at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a second Master's degree in educational leadership at Doane College (now Doane University). Her experience also includes nine prior years teaching second and third grade in Nebraska.