Spiritual Life

Spiritual formation is foundational to the student experience at DMC. It is a part of every program, subject, activity, and classroom at DMC. We desire for our students to be passionate apprentices of Christ, recognizing their story in God’s story. DMC builds a strong spiritual culture with intentional relationships, Bible classes, weekly chapels, retreats, service opportunities, faculty development, and various Bible study and prayer groups.


At the center of spiritual life are weekly chapel services with worship, music, prayer, testimonies, videos, and guest speakers. Leadership opportunities also exist for students interested in worship teams. 

Project Local

Students engage in acts of service, as the hands and feet of Christ, by partnering with nonprofit organizations across the Des Moines metro.  

Mission Trips

High School students have the opportunity to participate in international mission trips and trips in the Midwest to to help underserved communities. 

Spiritual Emphasis Days  

In the rush of the school year, Spiritual Emphasis is designed to slow everything down and intentionally re-emphasize each student and staff member's relationship with Christ. This spiritual life event is invigorated by a keynote speaker, worship band, senior sermons, community service, and class bonding moments.. 

Worldview Days

Students take a purposeful look at culturally popular topics and issues with a Biblical lens. During this event, DMC pulls back the curtain of mainstream messaging to reveal the truths God has in his Scripture around some of the biggest issues in life today. Students hear from keynote speakers, experience break out sessions and serve local nonprofit organizations during Worldview Days. 

Other Opportunities 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

A community working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of student athletes.

Spiritual Life Programming Team

This team works to fluidly plan and direct all spiritual life programs in high school. Each team will execute within their own gifts to plan events like Chapel, Worldview, Spiritual Emphasis, National Day of Prayer, and new forms of discipleship on campus.