Welcome to High School!

We believe our students are created on purpose, for a purpose. As a High School community, we pursue that purpose as we learn and grow into the people God has called us to be. Our students are equipped with confidence in their knowledge, faith, identity, and gifts to thrive as they enter into college, career, and calling in the world.

DMC graduates are servant-hearted leaders, critical thinkers, effective communicators, accomplished learners and passionate apprentices of Christ.

Equipping Minds

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for success, wherever God leads them next.  We provide an environment that encourages questions and embraces hands-on learning. Students begin to actively pursue the unique career they were created for and are given many opportunities to shadow with employers in the Des Moines metro for real-world experience.


DMC offers a six-day flex schedule that includes large and small group sessions, labs, and individual learning time. The flexible schedule is similar to college schedules students will experience after High School and prepares students with time management skills.

Dual Credit and AP Courses 

DMC offers dual credit courses for students seeking to begin accumulating college credit while in High School. This head start many times allows students to graduate from college early, pursue multiple degrees or get started more quickly in their careers. Taking college-level courses in High School can save students and families in college tuition.  DMC also offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students seeking academic rigor in preparation for college. View our full Course Guide.

Intentional Planning

Our school counselors begin meeting with students in eighth grade to build their freshman year academic plan. During ninth grade, students meet in small groups to go over their Purposed Mindset Profile and skills assessment.  These tools help our school counselors build out the next four years at DMC to fit what potential jobs, colleges, and skills they find most enjoyable. As juniors, school counselors meet with students and their parents to ensure the senior academic plan is sound, full of graduate requirements, and prepares students to enter the college or job of their choice.  

Nurturing Hearts

DMC teachers view their career as a calling. They know our students, their interests, and their stories. Students are welcomed into a community that cares for them deeply and recognizes them as God’s children who are learning and growing in their faith. Our faculty encourages students to become involved in co-curricular activities.  Outside of the classroom, students  build meaningful friendships, learn the value of teamwork, and continue to explore how God uniquely equipped them to impact the world.  

Student Leadership

Students have an active voice in shaping the culture at DMC, pouring their hearts into the type of school they want to attend. Leadership opportunities allow them to plan the activities they are a part of, with their fellow students and friends. 


Each High School student is a member of an Advisory group that meets every two weeks. These groups are assigned during freshman year and students stay with the same group, including the same faculty leader, throughout high school. Here students are building trust as they develop strong relationships. Advisory groups discuss big questions that challenge students as they grow and own their faith.

Impacting the World for Christ 

While at DMC students begin recognizing their story as a part of God’s story and discovering their purpose. They go into the world and live out their faith and purpose, with their future family, at college and within their workplaces.  

Mission Trips

An experience unique to High School is the opportunity to participate in annual mission trips. Students have traveled internationally to Haiti, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. They have also served closer to home with trips in the Midwest to help underserved communities. Students are living out the call God has put on their lives through these experiences, using their gifts to impact for world for His glory.

Serving in our Community 

Students begin impacting the world for Christ long before graduation. The 22-23 school year, High School students will serve more than 12,000 hours. Spiritual Emphasis and Worldview Days provide many opportunities for students to volunteer together. Students also serve independently, arranging their own opportunity for a cause they are passionate about, as part of our Bible curriculum.   

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