Admissions FAQ

When should I apply? 

Submit an Inquiry to DMC as soon as you know your family has interest in attending here. It’s never too early to make us aware of your interest.   

Are scholarships available?

Yes, needs-based tuition assistance is available. Generally, households whose DMC tuition expense is approximately 12% or more of their gross income should apply.

What is the average class size?

Early Education 
Two year olds: 1:6 ratio with maximum of 12 students in each class 
Three year olds: 1:8 ratio with maximum of 16 students in each class 
Four and five year olds: 1:12 ratio with maximum of 22 students in each class. 

Kindergarten-5th Grade
Maximum students in each grade level: 75
Number of classrooms: 3 classrooms of 25 students
Kindergarten classrooms have a full-time associate. First and second grade classrooms have half-day associates.  

6-12th Grade 
Average students in each grade level: 100

How many students attend DMC? 

More than 1,200 students are currently enrolled at DMC. 

Does DMC offer transportation?

DMC does not offer daily transportation to and from school. DMC does provide transportation for field trips and for off site athletics and fine arts activities. Families may be eligible to receive reimbursement for transportation expenses from their public school district.   

What is school lunch like?

Hot lunches are catered by Hy-Vee; boxed lunches are also available. Many students enjoy Chick-fil-A and Z'Mariks hot lunch days. Middle and High School students are able to purchase a-la-carte items from the DMC kitchen including hot breakfast and lunch items, smoothies, drinks, desserts and snacks. 

What security measures does DMC have?

Our Director of Safety and Security handles day-to-day safety, updates procedures to be in alignment with best practices, trains staff, and develops our relationships with local law enforcement. DMC is a secure campus. All visitors must sign in through our Visitu SafeCampus platform.

Does DMC have a dress code?

DMC has a dress code for each school. School uniforms are worn once a week on chapel days. 

Do families provide student technology?

Computer technology is provided for K-5th grade. Middle School and High School students purchase their own computers.  

How does DMC compare academically with other metro schools? 

We measure the success of our academic programs by benchmarking local and national standards. The average ACT composite score for DMC students consistently exceeds both state and national averages.

Does DMC follow the Common Core? 

Des Moines Christian School is a faith-based nonpublic school in the State of Iowa.  We are not bound to state and national curriculum.  While we may use state and national standards as a framework, our curriculum is written to engage students in thinking and learning from a Biblical worldview.  Our goal is to consistently point our students to Christ throughout all subjects; therefore, resources are carefully selected and monitored for age-appropriate content.