Welcome to Middle School!

At DMC Middle School we Love all Students, Love Each Other, Get Better Every Day

In Middle School students are searching for identity and belonging.  A time of discovery and personal formation, middle schoolers explore their interests and abilities, dive into community, and build a foundation for future success all in an environment  that nurtures their spiritual formation as well as academic and social-emotional growth.

Middle School Houses

Middle School at DMC has a unique identity. Through Middle School Houses, students are sorted into five different groups that meet several times throughout the week. These groups provide student leadership opportunities and unite the Middle School student culture. Houses help students gain a sense of belonging not only with their group, but also with the entire Middle School--five houses, one family.   


House of Verdad
Defenders of

House of Bratus
Strong and

House of Amarantos

House of Servitor

House of Excelsior


Equipping Minds

The researched-based schedule follows a paced approach to learning, allows for movement in the classroom and throughout the day, and utilizes a block schedule for the depth of learning middle schoolers need to be successful. Volunteer opportunities increase and students are invited to take exploratory classes to further gauge their strengths and talents. 

DMC provides a Middle School academic environment that is based on problem solving, hands-on learning, collaboration and creativity. Programming is developed to provide opportunities for students to practice, discover and discuss who God has created them to be. 

Nurturing Hearts 

As students are learning how to navigate this new environment with more independence and responsibility, our teachers and support staff are there for the inevitable ups and downs of Middle School. When social-emotional needs are met, students can then be successful in the classroom. Students learn they are part of a unique culture of acceptance and understanding. 

Beyond the fun of House competitions, dress up days, tug-of-war competitions and the like, Houses are designed to be a place of mentorship and deep intentional community. The Houses use a point system that focuses on the following three areas:

Noticeable Action 

Serving peers, acts of kindness, going above and beyond to make a difference through behaviors, positive distinguishing actions in the classroom

Exemplary Leadership 

Demonstrating a high level of academic achievement on major assessments or engaging in rare acts of service that exceed expectations

Reading Challenge

Points awarded for every 10,000 pages read by the House

Impacting the World for Christ 

The years spent in Middle School are important. As a Christian school, DMC has the unique opportunity to respond differently to the identity and belonging dilemma students can experience. They move into high school with a better self, ready to explore God’s purpose for their lives. 

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