Boys Cross Country

Team Highlights

2023 State Champion
2022 State Champion
2021 State Qualifier
2020 State 3rd Place
2019 State Runner-Up
2018 State Qualifier 
2017 State Qualifier

Individual Highlights

2023 Class 2A State Results

Jack Gummert ('24)—Qualifier
Josh Hagenberg ('25)—Qualifier
Collin Houg ('24)—Fourth Place
Jack McPartland ('24)—Qualifier
Caleb Ten Pas ('26)—Qualifier


2022 Class 2A State Results

Aaron Fynaardt ('23)—Champion
Caleb Ten Pas ('26)—Runner Up
Collin Houg ('24)—Qualifier 
Curren Johnson ('23)—Qualifier 
Jack McPartland ('24)—Qualifier 

2021 Class 2A State Results

Aaron Fynaardt ('23)—Champion
Carson Houg ('22)—Qualifier, 4th place

2020 Class 2A State Qualifiers

Christian Castile (‘21) 
Aaron Fynaardt (‘23) 
Carson Houg ('22), Fourth Place 
Nate Moser (‘21)


Schedules are available on rSchool.  Use the right hand column and "View Schedules" to filter activities of interest. Cross Country takes place during the fall season for 9th-12th grade students.


Varsity Stats


Andrew Hamer, Head Coach
Annie Pettit, Assistant Coach