High School

At Des Moines Christian School, high school teachers recognize the unique phase of growth and development from Middle School to high school and seek to provide a relational, supportive experience as students mature to be college ready.  Our academics are college preparatory in that they are designed to provide a range of knowledge and backgrounds for students to be college/career ready by graduation.

Christian values are the foundation of everything we do in the high school from academics, to mentoring, to spiritual growth.  Staff and faculty are committed to the mission of infusing biblical truth into every subject and situation throughout the day.  Students are supported in their faith development through leadership opportunities, small group studies, and weekly chapels.

When the Lord is infused into the curriculum and allowed to be part of a student's day, he begins to grow and change in remarkable ways, both academically and spiritually.  Students are equipped for life beyond school and are adequately prepared for college and career.  And since we've educated the whole person, students are able to go and impact the world for Jesus Christ through both work and ministry.