Griess Family: We can't imagine our kids anywhere else.

December 1, 2020
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We decided to send our first daughter to PreK at DMC because we wanted her to have a Christ-centered education. This was back in August of 2014. After our amazing experience with Early Education, we fell in love with the dedication that the teachers had; we couldn’t imagine our kids anywhere else!  

Our biggest highlight was just seeing how our daughter fell in love with school. She adored her teachers, her classmates, and loved learning. We love being at DMC because we know that the education of our children isn’t the only priority of the teachers; they desire to mold our kids in every aspect of life, especially in their love for Christ. We are so very grateful for this!

Our kids love the friendly faces that greet them daily, the friends they have made, and the many activities that are provided for them.

The Griess children shared the following about why they enjoy attending DMC: 

Payton ('28): "The people and teachers by far are the best thing about DMC! I love the opportunities that the school provides; I’m really looking forward to leading chapel this year!"

Jordyn ('30): "Because you get to learn about God and I love my teachers!" 

Tatum ('32): "I love that Mrs. Risewick taught me new things, and that she taught me about God!" 

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