How Children Can Put Their Faith in Action

November 11, 2015
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Putting Faith in Action for Elementary Children

By Rhonda Osborn, Fourth Grade Teacher

James 1:22 instructs Christians to not just listen to His word, but we are to do what it says. As adults there are many ways to put our faith in action. We can volunteer at shelters, bake meals for those in need, donate food to food pantries and the homeless, and write checks to a wide variety of Christian organizations.  But what about school age children?  Are they called to put their faith in action?  If yes, how can they effectively bless others with little or no money spent?

Christians want the children in their lives to believe in God and His word.  We want them to understand and obey His commands.  We want them to live a life pleasing to God.  According to the Bible, it is not enough to us to know what God wants. We, kids included, have to do it!  We have to put our faith in action!

Children can easily bless others and have fun doing it.  When my own kids were little, we started out by having them give away their happy meal toys.  Sometimes we would leave the toy on a table and then wait and watch to see who would pick it up. They got such joy watching the smile of the child who got their toy.  In my 4th grade classroom, I have a card ministry where every Thursday my students and I make cards.  These cards are sent all over the world to those who are sick or just need a word of encouragement.  My favorite faith in action is saving quarters and then taping them to vending machines in hospitals.

When you first start out, pray as a family about who and how God wants you to bless.  Listen to your kids - they have great ideas! Start small. Doing one project a month and then gradually increase the frequency. As your children learn how to put their faith in action, they will feel the joy of blessing others. That joy will prompt them to want to do it more and more.  Acts 20:35 will soon guide them as they grow in their walk with the Lord.

The ideas really are endless.  Be creative, have fun, and be blessed! Here is a short list of ideas to get you started:
  • make get well cards or cards of encouragement for relatives, neighbors, or people at nursing homes
  • share a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie with a neighbor
  • rake leaves
  • pick up trash after a sporting event
  • donate toys to shelters
  • hold a can food drive in your neighborhood
  • save quarters and put in a plastic bag and then tape to a hospital vending machine
  • donate birthday presents for kids at a homeless shelter
  • pretend to be secret agents and bless someone anonymously
  • pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child
  • bake a plate of cookies for a friend and thank them for being a friend