Sebastian Family: DMC was just the right fit

November 30, 2020
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Art and Jodi had always planned for their children to attend a Christian school. When they relocated to the Des Moines area, they were looking for a school that would provide a faith-based education, a strong academic program and a place that could be a “home away from home” for their children. DMC turned out to be just the right fit. 

“Jaxon had many highlights during his kindergarten year. He made so many new friends, loved the faculty, met new babysitters (DMC high schoolers), enjoyed singing at Chapel weekly, and the biggest highlight was the Annual Christmas Program. He enjoyed learning new songs and performing, but also learning the meaning of Christmas and about the birth of Jesus. 

We would absolutely encourage other families to send their children to DMC. Jaxon started every morning with a prayer, saying the pledge of allegiance and singing Christian songs. He can recite simple Bible verses. Jaxon has learned a lot about God and what it means to have faith. He also learned how to read K-level books towards the end of the school year. 

The faculty took such good care of him and made us feel safe every time he was away. We love DMC and look forward to all three of our children attending!”

--Art and Jodi Sebastian, Jaxon, Savannah and Jude

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