Student Services

Each student is unique. Whether your child needs extra help or a more challenging curriculum, Student Services provides a variety of support options for our students. From tutorial support to enrichment for advanced learners to counseling and guidance, we partner with teachers to provide for the individual needs of each student in the classroom.

Our dedicated Elementary Resource staff provide additional instruction and tutorial support designed to assist students who need extra practice to reach benchmarks. We provide assistance primarily in reading and math support.
Extended Learning Program
The Extended Learning Program (ELP) serves the needs of students who demonstrate general intellectual and specific academic aptitude.  ELP offers curriculum enrichment and students’ unique talents and abilities.  Students identified for ELP services explore individual areas of interest, apply higher-order thinking skills, learn to responsibly use and understand  their giftedness, and are empowered to self-advocate as they become self-directed learners.
Guidance & Counseling

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Classroom guidance lessons help students examine their lives and make lasting changes to achieve the maximum benefit from their talents and abilities. Students develop a realistic and Biblical concept of self, emotions, personal responsibility, communication, social skills, and personal safety skills.  Children learn to handle social situations before they occur.

Small Groups

Whether students need help navigating social interactions or developing organizational skills and more, small group guidance assists students with specific situations that occur during the school day. Small groups meet during the school day and may vary in duration depending student need. 

Individual Counseling

School guidance counselors are available to help students dealing with difficult circumstances, including: anxiety, loss, and how to communicate their needs to others. The goal of individual counseling is to help students with these circumstances within a few visits. If a student’s needs are beyond the school counselor's expertise, then a referral to someone who can assist may be made.

Community Resources

There are many helpful community resources that benefit students and their families outside of the school setting, including family therapists who have a biblical approach and other professionals who assist individuals with various needs.  For more information about community resources contact the school guidance counselor.