Application Process and Wait Pool 

DMC is experiencing growing enrollment. With a large number of prospective students each year, the number of applicants can exceed the number of seats available, making this a highly competitive process. To be invited to apply, you must first submit an inquiry for your student. 

     Deadline for Applications 

    DMC will begin offering applications for the 24-25 school year in September for Early Education (preschool/childcare ages 2-5), 6th grade, and 9th grade. A complete application package must be received no later than October 31, 2023.

     Why are you only accepting applications for specific grades?
    DMC offers applications in our entry points of 6th grade and 9th grade, when class sizes grow in the Middle School and High School. Early Education is also an entry point. Families who have submitted an inquiry and meet our admissions criteria will be contacted by our Admissions team with next steps. Openings are extremely limited in all other grade levels. Students in other grades will be invited to apply based on availability.  We encourage families to submit an Inquiry, which will place your student in the wait pool. 
     Wait Pool

    Parents can add their child’s name to our wait pool by completing an Inquiry at any time without a holding fee, and there’s no obligation to enroll. Submit an inquiry to DMC for each child your family has interest in enrolling. The child’s full name and birthdate are needed to accept your inquiry.  Completing an inquiry does not guarantee enrollment. 

    The DMC wait pool is an unranked group of students who have completed an Inquiry to begin the enrollment process. A number of factors can impact placement in the wait pool including, but not limited to, sibling of an enrolled student, children of full-time staff members, and children of alumni.

    If we are unable to enroll your student in the current school year, your inquiry will advance to the wait pool for the next grade level and school year. There is no need to submit a new inquiry.